Safety Zone; Ludington Harbor, Ludington, MI

The Coast Guard is establishing a temporary safety zone for certain waters of Ludington Harbor in Ludington, MI. This rule is necessary to protect personnel, vessels, and the marine environment from potential hazards associated with a light show by restricting persons and vessels within the safety zone. At no time during the effective period may vessels transit the waters of Ludington Harbor, MI, in the vicinity of a triangular shaped safety zone enclosed by the following three coordinates: 43[deg]57.213 N, 086[deg]28.336 W to 43[deg]57.177 N, 086[deg]27.808 W to 43[deg]57.558 N, 086[deg]27.730 W then back to the starting point. Entry of vessels or persons into this zone is prohibited unless specifically authorized by the Captain of the Port, Sector Lake Michigan.
Source: Federal Register USCG
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