NAVCEN Planning Launch of New Website – Important Notification

Dear GovDelivery Subscribers,

I am writing to announce an exciting change. The NAVCEN web team is going to transition the NAVCEN website to a new and enhanced version in the coming months. This change is planned for the end of summer/early fall.

This tremendous upgrade in aesthetic appeal and functionality is a very large step in our vision and goal to provide more useful, easier-to-access, and streamlined maritime safety data and information to our customers.  The site will look great across all platforms including mobile and desktop devices.

Our team has been working to make the transition as seamless as possible; however, we cannot rule out the possibility there may be unexpected problems with an evolution this large. 

I am emailing to convey this change to you as I have been placed in charge of coordinating the transition to the new website. I can be reached at our help address:

I will be the conduit between you and our development team. This will include communicating plans, actions, problems, bug fixes, and anything and everything you will need to know before, during, and after the transition.  Please contact me with any questions or to report any problems you may encounter when the website is launched. I will also be maintaining a list of suggestions for the future, which NAVCEN will consider after deployment.

Of important note is the change of our URLs when we transition to the new website platform. You will encounter the “breaking” of bookmarked URLs and URLs used in automatic downloading of data and/or products.  As part of the transition, the URLs will be updated across the site, including URLs linked to PDFs.  While this means all URLs will be updated to work on the new site, legacy URLs attached to the old site will no longer work.

We appreciate your patience in re-bookmarking URLs when we update the site.  We will do our best to provide new URLs to downloadable data and products well in advance of deployment of the new site so that you can adjust scripts and bookmarks before or immediately after we produce the new site.

As stated above, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  The NAVCEN team is  looking forward to the transition and all of the enhancements we will be able to provide.

With many thanks for your support,


Stephanie Debow Southwick

Marine Transportation Specialist

Maritime Safety Information Distribution Division

USCG Navigation Center

Alexandria, VA

O: 703-313-5897 C: 978-549-8922



Source: LNM District 8
Link: NAVCEN Planning Launch of New Website – Important Notification